Toad-headed Turtles
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Paul Freed
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Matthew Godfrey
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Benjamin Ewing
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Vincent Vos
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Child Taxa
Taxon Name
Phrynops dahli Dahl's Toad-headed Turtle
Phrynops geoffroanus Geoffroy’s Side-necked Turtle
Phrynops gibbus Gibba Turtle
Phrynops hilarii Hilaire’s Side-necked Turtle
Phrynops hogei Hoge’s Side-necked Turtle
Phrynops nasutus Common Toad-headed Turtle
Phrynops raniceps Amazon Toad-headed Turtle
Phrynops rufipes Red Side-necked Turtle
Phrynops tuberculatus Tuberculate Toad-headed Turtle
Phrynops vanderhaegei Vanderhaege’s Toad-headed Turtle
Phrynops williamsi William’s Side-necked Turtle
Phrynops zuliae Zulia Toad-headed Turtle