Golden Frogs
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Child Taxa
Taxon Name
Mantella aurantiaca Golden Frog
Mantella baroni Variegated Mantella
Mantella bernhardi Bernhard's Mantella
Mantella betsileo Betsileo Golden Frog
Mantella cowanii Black Golden Frog
Mantella crocea Eastern Golden Frog
Mantella ebenaui Northern Mantella
Mantella expectata Tulear Golden Frog
Mantella haraldmeieri Anosy Mantella
Mantella laevigata Folohy Golden Frog
Mantella madagascariensis Madagascar Golden Frog
Mantella manery Marojezy Mantella
Mantella milotympanum Black-eared Mantella
Mantella nigricans Marojezy Massif Mantella
Mantella pulchra Parker's Golden Frog
Mantella viridis Green Golden Frog