Asiatic Tree Frogs
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Paul Freed
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Mike Pingleton
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Tommy Faunce
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Child Taxa
Taxon Name
Kurixalus absconditus Piasak Frilled Swamp Treefrog
Kurixalus appendiculatus Philippine Flying Frog
Kurixalus baliogaster Belly-spotted Frog
Kurixalus banaensis Bana Bubble-nest Frog
Kurixalus berylliniris Eastern Taiwan Treefrog
Kurixalus bisacculus Loei Flying Frog
Kurixalus chaseni Malay Peninsula Frilled Treeforg
Kurixalus eiffingeri Eiffinger's Asian Treefrog
Kurixalus gracilloides Gracile Frilled Treefrog
Kurixalus hainanus Hainan Frilled Treefrog
Kurixalus idiootocus Temple Asian Treefrog
Kurixalus lenquanensis Lenquan Frilled Treefrog
Kurixalus motokawai Central Highlands Frilled Treefrog
Kurixalus naso Annandale's Frilled Treefrog
Kurixalus odontotarsus Serrate-legged Small Treefrog
Kurixalus verrucosus Small Rough-armed Tree Frog
Kurixalus viridescens Hon Ba Frilled Treefrog
Kurixalus wangi Pingtong Frilled Treefrog
Kurixalus yangi Western Yunnan Frilled Treefrog