Gracixalus Bush Frogs
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Child Taxa
Taxon Name
Gracixalus ananjevae Annam Flying Treefrog
Gracixalus carinensis Karin Hills Bushfrog
Gracixalus gracilipes Slender-legged Bushfrog
Gracixalus guangdongensis Guangdong Tree Frog
Gracixalus jinggangensis Jinggang Tree Frog
Gracixalus jinxiuensis Jinxiu Small Treefrog
Gracixalus lumarius Thorny Tree Frog
Gracixalus medogensis Medog Small Treefrog
Gracixalus nonggangensis Waza Treefrog
Gracixalus quangi Quang's Bushfrog
Gracixalus quyeti Quyet's Bushfrog
Gracixalus sapaensis Fan Si Pan Mountains Bushfrog
Gracixalus seesom Thong Pha Phum Bushfrog
Gracixalus supercornutus Bach Ma Bushfrog
Gracixalus tianlinensis Tianlin Small Tree Frog
Gracixalus trieng Trieng Tree Frog
Gracixalus yunnanensis Yunnan Bush Frog