Cobras, Kraits, and Sea Snakes
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Total Observers197
Current Year39
Total Countries35
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Orange Coral Snake
Antaioserpens warro
HM 303617
King Cobra
Ophiophagus hannah
HM 302716
King Cobra
Ophiophagus hannah
HM 302715
King Cobra
Ophiophagus hannah
HM 302712
King Cobra
Ophiophagus hannah
HM 302659
King Cobra
Ophiophagus hannah
HM 302652
King Cobra
Ophiophagus hannah
HM 302635
Indian Cobra
Naja naja
HM 302608
Indian Cobra
Naja naja
HM 302605
Indian Cobra
Naja naja
HM 302599
Child Taxa
Taxon Name
Acalyptophis Perron's Sea Snakes
Acanthophis Death Adders
Aipysurus Sea Snakes
Antaioserpens Warro
Aspidelaps Shieldnose Cobras
Aspidomorphus Collared Adders
Astrotia Stokes's Sea Snakes
Austrelaps Australian Copperheads
Boulengerina Water Cobras
Brachyurophis Shovel nosed Snakes
Bungarus Indian Kraits
Cacophis Dwarf Crowned Snakes
Calliophis Oriental Coral Snakes
Cryptophis Small eyed Snakes
Demansia Venomous Whip Snakes
Dendroaspis Mambas
Denisonia Ornamental Snakes
Disteira Common Sea Snakes
Drysdalia Australian Crowned Snakes
Echiopsis Bardick Snakes
Elapognathus Little Brown Snakes
Elapsoidea Venomous Garter Snakes
Emydocephalus Turtlehead Sea Snakes
Ephalophis Grey's Sea Snakes
Furina Naped Snakes
Hemachatus Spitting Cobras
Hemiaspis Gray Swamp Snakes
Hemibungarus Asian Coral Snakes
Hoplocephalus Pale-headed Snakes
Hydrelaps Darwin's Sea Snakes
Hydrophis Asian Sea Snakes
Kerilia Jerdon's Sea Snakes
Kolpophis Bighead Sea Snakes
Lapemis Shaw's Sea Snakes
Laticauda Banded Sea Snakes
Leptomicrurus Thread Coral Snakes
Loveridgelaps Orange-banded Snakes
Maticora Malaysian Coral Snakes
Micropechis Pacific Coral Snakes
Micruroides Western Coral Snakes
Micrurus Common Coral Snakes
Naja Cobras
Neelaps Striped Snakes
Notechis Tiger Snakes
Ogmodon Fiji Cobras
Ophiophagus King Cobras
Oxyuranus Taipans
Parahydrophis Roux's Sea Snakes
Paranaja Many-banded Snakes
Parapistocalamus Hediger's Snakes
Parasuta Hooded Snakes
Paroplocephalus Lake Cronin Snakes
Pseudechis King Brown Snakes
Pseudohaje Tree Cobras
Pseudonaja Venomous Brown Snakes
Rhinoplocephalus Square nosed Snakes
Salomonelaps Solomon Island Brown Snakes
Simoselaps Australian Burrowing Snakes
Sinomicrurus Asian Coralsnakes
Suta Curl Snakes
Thalassophis Viperine Sea Snakes
Toxicocalamus Venomous Island Snakes
Tropidechis Rough-scaled Snakes
Vermicella Bandy-bandys
Walterinnesia Black Desert Cobras