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Taxon Name
Ecnomiohyla bailarina Golden-eyed Fringe-limbed Frog
Ecnomiohyla echinata Oaxacan Fringe-limbed Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla fimbrimembra Heredia Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla miliaria Cope's Brown Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla minera Guatemala Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla phantasmagoria Rio Cauca Fringe-limbed Frog
Ecnomiohyla rabborum El Valle de Anton Fringe-limbed Frog
Ecnomiohyla salvaje Copan Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla sukia Alto Colorado Fringe-limbed Frog
Ecnomiohyla thysanota Cerro Mali Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla tuberculosa Canelos Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla valancifer San Martin Fringe-limbed Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla veraguensis Veraguas Fringe-limbed Frog