Five-toed Worm Lizard (Bipes biporus) - HM 172194
Garrison, Ian
2017-01-31 15:17:12
Last Modified:
2017-02-20 19:28:43
Baja California Sur
La Paz
TravisK from FHF and I went to La Paz all the way from Washington to find these guys and we found 2! We found them in an empty lot in between a lot of housing. A fair bit of garbage had been dumped all around providing a lot of AC to flip. At first we found no signs of them but as we got deeper into the lot we would flip and see what looked like earthworm tracks on the soil that was immediately against cover. In no cases did we find bipes under cover with gaps, or where grasses and plants (dead or alive) were, rather we found them under old cover that is directly against the ground. We did this on the last day of January 2017 and almost no visible moisture was found under the flips. Flipping sheets of drywall was productive. The cover flipped it didn't seem to matter if it was in shady areas or out in the open, provided there was just plenty of garbage around.

We also looked for them a bit in Todos Santos but no luck there. Many people had heard of the Ajalote but we only ran into 2 people that had actually seen them. One person mentioned seeing them on excavation sites with heavy machinery digging in the earth.